The winners of the 4th International MANGA Award have been selected
The International MANGA Award was established in May 2007. This time it received 189 entries from 39 countries and regions all over the world (Note 1).
  • Gold Award (the best work)

    Si loin et si proche…(Belgium)

    Xiao Bai(China)

    Country/region of publication: Belgium (2010)
    Language: French
    Studied illustration and graphic design as a student in Beijing. This is Xiao Baiʼ s first full-length graphic novel released in France
    〈Story line〉 Xiao Tian is a college freshman living in a girlsʼ dorm in Beijing. A boy suddenly appears in front of her and calls her “Mom.”
    The boyʼ s name is Li Wei.
    Ever since he saw his mother die in a traffic accident at the age of eight, Li Wei, who has kept himself inside through his youth, says a prayer on his birthday every year. “I want to see Mom …” His sincere wish is granted by the moon fairy and he appears before Xiao Tian for 30 days.
    Xiao Tian tries to accept her son who has arrived from the future to see her, but begins to worry about it as she canʼ t share this mysterious experience with anyone. Her relationship, friendship and life become imbalanced and she sometimes loses her temper before Li Wei.
    The is a story of struggles in life, friendship and love which a college girl experiences as she learns her future through her encounter with her son from the future.
  • Silver Award

    Face cachée(France)

    Artist: Olivier Martin (France)
    Author:Sylvain Runberg (France)

    Country/region of publication: France (2010)
    Language: French
    Olivier Martin (comic artist)
    Released his first work in 1999.
    This is his 11th work. His stay for two years in Japan triggered his want to challenge the field of Manga.
    Sylvain Runberg (author)
    Released his first work in 2004.
    Published 20 works in a wide range of genres, from sci-fi to autobiographical chronicles and fantasy. He is also a comic fan. His love for Japan made this work.
    〈Story line〉 SATOSHI is a financial analyst.
    He chats with his wife online at an internet café and stays at a capsule hotel on weekdays, returning home to his wife and daughter in Kamakura only on weekends.
    JUNICHI, SATOSHIʼ s colleague who has a crush on another colleague of theirs, MAYUMI, gets into a rivalry with SATOSHI because MAYUMI relies on him.
    MAYUMI, who has experienced her parentsʼ divorce, understands SATOSHIʼ s affection for his family, but continues her affair with him, believing one day they will get together…
    The story portrays office workers in Japan, such as all colleagues going out for drinks to an old bar district led by their boss and choosing favorite songs of their boss at karaoke, as well as their “hidden face” they show at home or in a relationship.
  • Silver Award

    La Isla sin Sonrisa(Spain)

    Enrique Fernández(Spain)

    Country/region of publication: Spain (2010)
    Language: Spanish
    A Spanish writer who works on a number of anime and comics.
    This work has been published in France and Belgium. In 2010, it was awarded the ActuaBD at the Festival International de la bande dessinée dʼ Angoulême (Angoulême International Comics Festival), which is regarded as the Cannes International Film Festival of comics in France.
    〈Story line〉 An isolated island to which people hardly visit, Yulkukany.
    Dean, a reticent troubled geologist who wishes to keep his distance from people, visits this island for research
    A girl named Eli greets this expected visitor to Yulkukany, the first in a while.
    She is living with her aunt who runs the inn Dean will stay at, and her father, who is a whaler.
    Yulkukany has a legend of a “wish granting demon.” It has been rumored that this demon would eat the toes of those who make a wish if it is not pleased with the offering, so Eliʼ s father has been collecting rare items during his voyage to offer the demon in case Eli would deal with it one day.
    Five years have passed since Eliʼ s father set out to sea and went missing. When his boat comes back empty, Eli goes to the demon to…
  • Silver Award

    "THE STORY BEGINS WITH ・・・"(Thailand)


    Country/region of publication: Thailand (2009)
    Language: Thai
    Started writing comics at the age of 12, and studied visual communication art and design in college. Kaihuaroh which was released the same year as this work became a bestseller in the comic category in Thailand.
    〈Story line〉 This comical comic describing the interactions among young Tomtem, his family, and the surrounding characters will be accepted by all generations.
    The collection of short stories humorously takes up the random questions by kids, dialogues between parent and child, pranks pulled by kids and more in the ordinary days of the animated characters, while spiced up with social satires.
    This work introduces the legends and cultural customs of Thailand educationally.
  • Bronze Award



    Abby Denson(USA)
  • Kylooe


    Little Thunder(China)
  • The little polar bear


    CHANG Fung-Chih(Taiwan)


  • The passionate sword


    Artist:YEH Yu Tung(Taiwan)
    Author:SYU SHU HAO(Taiwan)


    Artist:Frédéric GENET(Belgium)
    Author:Jean-François DI GIORGIO(France)
((Note 1) The countries and of the artists in numerical order of entries are: Thailand /Brazil (28 each), Belgium / Spain (14 each), Kazakhstan (11), and others.

Executive Committee

Mr. Seiji Maehara, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
Mr. Kazuo Ogura, President of the Japan Foundation
Mr. Yasuki Hamano, Professor, The University of Tokyo
Mr. Kotaro Sugiyama, Senior Vice President, Dentsu Inc.
Mr. Osamu Kamei, Director, Shogakukan Inc.
Ms. Saya Shiraishi, Professor, The University of Tokyo


Ms. Machiko Satonaka (Manga artist)
Mr. Monkey Punch (MANGA artist)
Mr. Takao Yaguchi (MANGA artist)
Mr. Yoriaki Yakubo (former MANGA magazine editor)
Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshitome (former MANGA magazine editor)

Primary Selection Committee: Comic Jusshakai

Akita Publishing Co., Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,
Kodansha Ltd., Shueisha Inc.,
Shogakukan Inc., Shonen-gahosha Co.,
Shinchosha Publishing Co., Hakusensha Inc.,
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