December 1, 2009
The 3rd International MANGA Award
The International MANGA Award, which was established in May 2007, received 303 entries this year from 55 countries and regions all over the world (Note 1). As a result of the recent screening, the winner of the second International MANGA Award was confirmed as follows:
  • Gold Award (the best work)

    SUPER DUNKER (Thailand)

    Jakraphan Huaypetch (TON JAKRAPHAN) (Thailand)

    Influenced by Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball in his aspirations to be a manga artist, Jakraphan Huaypetch made his debut with SUPER DUNKER in 2008.
    〈Story line〉 A boy named Toto, who lives with his father and a monkey on a small island, encounters an American NBA player named Rocky, who arrives at the island by chance one day when his plane breaks down. Toto spends two years learning the basics of basketball from Rocky.
    After guiding Toto through to mastery of the dunk shot, Rocky leaves the island with the words, “As long as you stick with basketball, we’ll meet again some day. Hold steady on the game until then.”
    Eventually Toto leaves the island and enters junior high school. He visits the school basketball club, but he is unable to join because of harassment by the members, who tease him because he is from the countryside.
    In Toto’s chagrin, a boy named Taitoon appeared before him, silently practicing alone on a court in the town. Taitoon is amazed at the dunking ability Toto developed on the island. The two hit it off and decide to create a streetball team as they resolve to reach the top together.
  • Silver Award

    Zaya (Belgium)

    Huang Jia Wei (China)
    Morvan (France)

    Huang Jia Wei (artist)
    Having aspired to be a manga artist since childhood, Huang Jia Wei released Ya San as a debut work in 2006 while still in art school.
    Morvan (writer)
    Having been interested in manga since childhood, Morvan began studying manga in 1989, later concentrating solely on writing and releasing many works.
    〈Story line〉 An orphan named Zaya Obilidinne is raised by the spy organization Spiral as an agent. Although she has completed many tasks for Spiral, she leaves the organization when she becomes pregnant. She goes on to a peaceful life above ground as an artist and mother.
    Around then, the space station Ditrimina is attacked by someone or something, killing Spiral agents one after another. The killer, who had until then left no clues, eventually leaves behind some DNA thanks to the sacrifice of a high-up agent. Spiral obtains the killer’s DNA.
    Zaya suddenly gets assigned a job from Spiral. Given her familiarity the organization, she knows she cannot escape from her duty, so she leaves her children in her younger sister’s care and sets out on her journey.
  • Silver Award

    Natty (Belgium)

    Melvil (France)
    Corveyran (France)

    Debuting with Bluehope as a manga writer in 2002, Melvil later started as a manga artist in 2006.
    Releasing more than 80 works since 1990 in such genres as fantasy, history, thrillers, and adventure, Corbeyran was also the writer for Okheania 1, which received an Silver Award in last year’s 2nd International Manga Award.
    〈Story line〉 Princess Natty of Orkidestan was caught and sentenced to death for the crime of refusing the marriage recommended by her parents. Secretly escaping the castle, Natty wanders the castle town area where the sunlight does not reach and those residents with the lowest status live. In her disguise, no one recognizes her as the wanted Princess Natty.
    Young Sammy, who Princess Natty has promised to marry, is in the castle town prison. Learning he cannot get a fair judgment, he implores his friends in the prison to escape with him, but they refuse to cooperate for fear of divine retribution. However, an old man tells Sammy about an escape tunnel he had been digging. Sammy successfully escapes and returns to his home, where he finds Princess Natty waiting for him. Overjoyed at their reunion, they begin taking action to somehow get themselves out of the situation they are in, but...
  • Silver Award

    Running on empty (Republic of Korea)

    Kim Jea-eon (Republic of Korea)

    Kim Jea Eon got his debut in 1995 with The Last Den of the Wasteland, and has released many works since then.
    〈Story line〉 As 18-year-old Han Su Bong tries to plunge to his death in a suicide attempt, a man named Lee Hyeok Su photographs the scene, prompting Su Bong to lash out at him. A detective then appears, and since Hyeok Su is suspected of murder, he takes Su Bong who was there with him as a hostage for his getaway.
    As the only survivor of his father’s attempt to kill his family members and commit suicide, Hyeok Su was picked up by a certain organization. The organization is also on his trail because he attempted to escape from its clutches.
    Despite all this, Hyeok Su decides he wants to live and refuses to choose death. He cannot understand why Su Bong, who is lively, eats heartily, and laughs a lot despite being a hostage, would still desire to die.
    Meanwhile Su Bong had resolved to kill himself because he could not stand the environment he was in, which changed due to the errors of his father, who is a hospital director. As the pair spend time and do things together there, Su Bong becomes interested in why Hyeok Su only takes pictures but does not try to develop them. Their escape journey continues.
  • Bronze Award

    400-Arthamart Regiment


    Pongpat Petcharat
  • Arkham Woods


    Jhomar Soriano
  • Beneath the surface


  • Pequena Loja dos Horrores


    Rafaella Ryon


(Note 1) The countries and regions of the artists in numerical order of entries are: China (30, 4 from Hong Kong), Thailand (28), Brazil (17), Syria (14), Belgium (13), U.S.A./Germany/Colombia (12 each), Argentina/El Salvador/U.K. (11 each), and others.

The 3rd International MANGA Award Executive Committee

Mr. Katsuya Okada, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
Kazuo Ogura, President of the Japan Foundation
Yasuki Hamano, Professor, The University of Tokyo
Osamu Kamei, Executive Director, Shogakukan Inc.
Kotaro Sugiyama; Director, Dentsu Inc.
Saya Shiraishi, Professor, The University of Tokyo

Screening Committee

Judging Committee Chairmen:Machiko Satonaka (MANGA artist), Monkey Punch (MANGA artist), Takao Yaguchi (MANGA artist), Teruo Miyahara (former MANGA magazine editor), Yoriaki Yakubo (former MANGA magazine editor)