Announcement of Winners for the Fifth International MANGA Award
On Tuesday, February 14, the International MANGA Award Executive Committee (Chairman: Koichiro Gemba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan) selected 14 award winners, including one Gold Award winner and three Silver Award winners.The International MANGA Award was established in May 2007. This time it received 145 entries from 30 countries and regions all over the world (Note 1).
  • Gold Award (the best work)

    I Kill Giants(U.S.A.)

    Name of Artist:JM Ken Niimura(Spain)
    Name of Author:Joe Kelly(U.S.A.)

    (c)2011 by Cory / SHARP POINT PUBLISHING GROUP. All rights reserved.
    Country/region of publication:USA(2008)
    Artist:JM Ken Niimura
    Born in 1981. Made his debut in 2001 with “Underground Love”. His manga works have been translated into six languages, and he is active in a number of countries as an illustrator. He has received many prizes in the fields of manga and illustration. Moreover, he has made use of his experience as a creator, giving lectures in Spain and France. With the publication of “I Kill Giants”, he has entered the US market. With writer Joe Kelly, he has been nominated for an Eisner Prize and an Eagle Award.
    Writer:Joe Kelly
    Born in 1971. A member of the comics creator group “Man of Action”, which has created Ben 10 and Generator Rex, he is involved in creative activities in the fields not only of comics and animation, but also of movies and video games.
    〈Story line〉 Barbara believes in the existence of giants. One day, in the middle of a fight with the bully Tyler, she mistakenly hits her good friend Sophia. Amidst the anxiety of losing a precious friend, she rises up to counter the attack by the giants.
  • Silver Award

    Make a wish! Da Xi(Taiwan)


    (c)2011 by Cory / SHARP POINT PUBLISHING GROUP. All rights reserved.
    Country/region of publication:Taiwan(2011)
    Born in 1982. Made her debut in 2009 with “Lovely Everywhere”. Won a prize in Taiwanʼs manga awards in 2010. Won the Best Manga for Young Girls Award and Best Internet Manga Award at Taiwanʼs Golden Comic Awards in 2011.
    〈Story line〉 The hero, Da Xi, is a problem child at school. However, Da Xi is attracted to his class teacherʼs beloved daughter, who is in hospital, and makes a promise to Xiao Tian, an apprentice angel who suddenly appears at the hospital to help the teacherʼs sick daughter.
    “I will do one good dead every day for a year.” Hesitantly at times, Da Xi tries to put his past behind him, in order to save his teacherʼ s daughter.
  • Silver Award

    The Man Who Follow His Own Voice(Thailand)

    Tanis Werasakwong (Thailand)

    (c)Tanis Werasakwong 2011
    Country/region of publication:Thailand(2011)
    Born in 1990. Won a prize in 2011 for his debut work. Pursues his activities as an artist whilst studying journalism and mass communication at Thammasat University.
    〈Story line〉 These are five short stories featuring novel depictions with creative charm liberally scattered throughout. A young boy who aspires to become a world-famous comedian, but builds up experience that is completely off-target. A middle-aged woman who runs a comic rental shop while pursuing her dream of becoming a manga artist. Comedy dramas interwoven with lovable characters who are trying to make their innermost dreams come true while living their everyday lives.
  • Silver Award

    When You Standing Your Tiptoes(China)

    Artist:Pan Li-Ping(China)
    Author:Zu Le-ya(China)

    (c)When You Standing on Your Tiptoes
    Country/region of publication:China(2010)
    Artist:Pan Liping(A Geng)
    Born in 1979. Made her debut in 2007. Famous as one of Chinaʼs top ten cutting-edge female manga artists, she is a lecturer at schools and art museums in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
    Writer:Zu Leya(Jidi)
    Born in 1983. Picture book artist active since 2002. Characterized by its warmhearted style of drawing, her “My Way” series has been published in a wide range of countries, including France, Singapore and Malaysia, and was a best-seller in China. Her first novel, published in 2008, was the basis of this prize-winning work.
    〈Story line〉 Lin Xiaolu, who has been raised in a poor single-parent family by her mother, is an introverted high school student with a heart brimming with humor. These are short stories that vividly and refreshingly depict her daily life and thoughts regarding friendship and love.
  • Bronze Award

    A Letter To Father


    CHONG CHIEW CHOY(Malaysia)
  • Conversations Between Me and You


  • Dream Land


    WE WE(Taiwan)


  • NNN


    Dan Kim(Canada)
  • Pelangi di Naungan Mentari(Rainbow Under the Sun)


    Artist:Indra Wisnu Wardhana(Indonesia)
    Author:Dimas Adi Saputro(Indonesia)
  • Summer in Vale・Boll bride


    Yang Xiao-ru(China)


  • Security Gard


    Han Zu-zheng(China)


    Artist:TAN ZIEN YUN(Malaysia)
(((Note 1) The countries and of the artists in numerical order of entries are: Thailand (30), Malaysia (21), China (16), and so on.

A ceremony was held in February17 in Tokyo.

Executive Committee

Mr. Koichiro Gemba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
Mr. Yasuhiro Ando, President , Japan Foundation
Mr. Yasuki Hamano, Professor, The University of Tokyo
Mr. Satoshi Katayose, Director, Shogakukan Inc.
Mr. Kotaro Sugiyama, Adviser, Dentsu Inc.
Ms. Saya Shiraishi, Professor, The University of Tokyo


Ms. Machiko Satonaka (Manga artist)
Mr. Reiji Matsumoto (MANGA artist)
Ms. Seika Nakayama (MANGA artist)
Mr. Koichi Yuri (former MANGA magazine editor)
Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshitome (former MANGA magazine editor)

Primary Selection Committee: Comic Jusshakai

Akita Publishing Co., Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,
Kodansha Ltd., Shueisha Inc.,
Shogakukan Inc., Shonen-gahosha Co.,
Shinchosha Publishing Co., Hakusensha Inc.,
Futabasha Publishers Ltd., Leed Publishing Co.