March, 2019
The Twelfth Japan International MANGA Award Ceremony
Minister for Foreign Affairs Taro Kono delivering his speech
Award winners and other guests
On February 26, the 12th Japan International MANGA Award Ceremony was held at the likura Guest House.

At the Award Ceremony, one Gold Award and three Silver Awards were presented with certificates of commendation by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Taro Kono and trophies by Ms. Machiko Satonaka, Chairperson of the Selection Committee. Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Kono stated that Manga, beyond entertainment, expresses various ideas, philosophy and view of life, and has the power to appeal, and that he expected growing number of people interested in visiting Japan and expressing themselves by Manga. Chairperson of the Selection Committee, Ms. Satonaka gave a review of the works, in which she stated that selection of various unique works was impressive and she believed that shared emotion through Manga, would lead to closer world in a mental sense.

The Award Ceremony was attended by the Selection Committee members, Ms. Ban Ippongi, Mr. Masafumi Kumata, Mr. Tsutomu Fujita, Mr. Mitsuru Miura, and the Executive Committee members, Mr. Kotaro Sugiyama, Mr. Frederik L. Schodt, Mr. Kiyoshi Yokota and Mr. Hiroyasu Ando, President of the Japan Foundation. Among the guests were Member of Parliament, famous Manga artists, publishers and people in the cultural circle and they interacted with the Award winners at the reception which followed the Ceremony.

The winning works are as follows
  • Gold Award (the best work)

    Yang Hao and his four compositions(China)

    Artist : Tang Xiao(Dani)(China)

    Language : Chinese(Mandarin),English
  • Silver Award


    Artist : Shangomola Edunjobi(ENGLAND)

    Language : English
  • Silver Award

    The Pork Chops Inferno(Hong Kong)

    Artist : Lai Tat Tat Wing(Hong Kong)

    ©Lai Tat Tat Wing
    Language : Chinese(Catonese)
  • Silver Award

    Planned Obsolescence of our feelings(Belgium)

    Artist : Aimée de Jongh(Dutch)
    Story Writer : Zidrou(Belgium)

    ©Dargaud Benelux 2018
    Language : French
  • Bronze Award

    Teng snakes


    Artist : Feng(China)
  • They say the village is haunted


    Artist : Yap Zhuo Yu(Malaysia)
  • A Traves Del Khamsin


    ©Norma Editorial
    Artist : Marta Salmons(Spain)
    Story Writer : Mijail Sampedro(Spain)
  • Flick Royale


    ©PT Kreasi Kisah Semesta
    Artist : Beatrice Nauli(Indonesia)
    Story Writer : Nikki Dibya Wardhana(Indonesia)
  • Romaria


    ©Jun Sugiyama/Alexandre Carvalho
    Artist : Alexandre Carvalho(Brazil)
    Story Writer : Jun Sugiyama(Brazil)
  • Desert Wolf


    ©Dio production house
    Artist : Jack Fung(Hongkong)
  • Ordinary Days in Taipei


    Artist : 61Chi(Taiwan)
  • Nightlights


    Artist : Loreana Alvarez Gómez(Colombia)
  • Music Of the Fairy Tales


    Artist : Chiya(China)
    Story Writer : Shi Yuyan(China)
  • Shi


    ©Dargaud Benelux 2018
    Artist : Josep Homs(Spain)
    Story Writer : Zidrou(Belgium)
  • 1661 Koxinga Z


    ©蓋亞文化有限公司(Gaea Books, Co., Ltd.)
    Artist : Li Lung-chieh(Taiwan)

Executive Committee

Mr. Taro KONO, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
Ms. Saya SHIRAISHI, Professor emeritus of Tokyo University
Mr. Kotaro SUGIYAMA, President, LIGHT PUBLICITY Co., Ltd
Mr. Frederik L. SCHODT, American translator, interpreter and writer
Mr. Kiyoshi YOKOTA, Executive Director, Shogakukan Inc.
Mr. Hiroyasu ANDO, President, Japan Foundation

Members of the Selection Committee

Ms. Machiko SATONAKA, Manga artist
Ms. Ban IPPONGI, Manga artist
Mr. Masafumi KUMATA, Publisher
Mr. Tsutomu FUJITA, former, Publisher
Mr. Mitsuru MIURA, Manga artist