March, 2018
The Eleventh Japan International MANGA Award Winners Announcement

At the 11th Japan International MANGA Award, among 326 entries from 60 countries and regions, 15 works were selected this year, including one Gold Award work and three Silver Award works. On February 23, the 11th Japan International MANGA Award Ceremony were held at the Iikura Guest House.

At the Award Ceremony, one Gold Award and three Silver Awards were presented with certificates of commendation by Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mitsunari Okamoto and trophies by Ms. Machiko Satonaka, Chairperson of the Selection Committee. Parliamentary Vice-Minister Mr. Okamoto stated that this year saw a variety of brilliant works and asked for continuous cooperation for further development of manga culture and enhanced international mutual understanding through manga.
Chairperson of the Selection Committee, Ms. Satonaka gave a review of the works, in which she stated that this year was highly competitive and “life” or “existence” was seen as a common theme in the prize-winning works, and she also expected further development of manga culture.

The Award Ceremony was attended by the Selection Committee members, Ms. Ban Ippongi, Mr. Mitsuru Miura, Mr. Masafumi Kumata, Mr. Kouichi Yuri, and the Executive Committee members, Ms. Saya Shiraishi, Mr. Kotaro Sugiyama, Mr. Frederik L. Schodt and Mr. Hiroyasu Ando, President of the Japan Foundation. Among the guests were famous Manga artists, publishers and people in the cultural circle and they interacted with the Award winners at the reception which followed the Ceremony.

  • Gold Award (the best work)

    TWO ALDOS (Colombia)

    Artist : GUERRA DIAZ (Colombia)
    Story Writer : PABLO GUERRA (Colombia)

    (c)henry diaz, PABLO GUERRA
    Language : Spanish
  • Silver Award

    ONIBI (France)

    Artist : ATELIER SENTÔ (France)
    Story Writer : ATELIER SENTÔ (France)

    Language : French
  • Silver Award


    Artist : REREKINA NATALIIA (Ukraine)
    Story Writer : MARTYNENKO NATALIIA (Ukraine)

    Language : Russian
  • Silver Award

    Left Hand Vol.1 (Taiwan)

    Artist : SALLY (Taiwan)

    Language : Chinese
  • Bronze Award


    (United Arab Emirates)

    Artist : Ahmed Mohammed Al Ali (United Arab Emirates)
    Story Writer : Mohammed Yousef Al Meraikhi (United Arab Emirates)

    (China, Hong Kong)

    Artist : DAI HING YIN (China, Hong Kong)

    (United Kingdom)

    Artist : UMLANDO WEZITHOMBE (Republic of South Africa)
    Story Writer : SANTA BUCHANAN AND NELSON MANDELA FOUNDATION (Republic of South Africa)
  • Clearsky city


    Artist : BigN (China)
  • Dutchman in Formosa


    Artist : KINONO (Taiwan)
  • Cat Swordsman


    Artist : YU-YUNG YEH (Taiwan)
  • Westward


    Artist :Guangzhou Baiman Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (China)
    Story Writer : Eric Cheng (China)


    Artist : Patcharakan Pisansupong (Thailand)
  • On This Day


    Artist :Mork (Thailand)
  • Based on True Stories


    Artist : Gawin Satawut (Thailand)
  • GUNG HO - 3


    Artist : THOMAS VON KUMMANT (Germany)
    Story Writer : BENJAMIN VON ECKARTSBERG (Germany)

Executive Committee

Mr. Taro KONO, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
Ms. Saya SHIRAISHI, Emeritus professor of Tokyo University
Mr. Kotaro SUGIYAMA, Chief Creative Officer/Deputy President, Light Publicity Co., Ltd
Mr. Frederik L. SCHODT, writer, interpreter, translator
Mr. Kiyoshi YOKOTA, Director, Shogakukan Inc.
Mr. Hiroyasu ANDO, President, Japan Foundation


Ms. Machiko SATONAKA (Manga artist)
Ms. Ban IPPONGI (Manga artist)
Mr. Mitsuru MIURA (Manga artist)
Mr. Masafumi KUMATA (Manga magazine editor)
Mr. Kouichi YURI (Manga magazine editor)

Primary Selection Committee: The Association of MANGA Pubulishers

Akita Publishing Co.,Ltd, Ohzora Publishing Co.,Ltd., KADOKAWA Corporation, Kodansha Ltd., Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., Shonen-gahosha Co., Shinchosha Publishing Co., Square Enix Co.,Ltd., Takeshobo Co.,Ltd, Nihonbungeisha Co.,Ltd., Hakusensha Inc., Futabasha Publishers Ltd., Houbunsha Co.,Ltd., Leed Publishing Co.