The 16th Award Winners


Cover In summer

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In summer

©seong ryul

Artist:seong ryul(Republic of Korea)


  • Cover Lost Letters

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    Lost Letters

    ©Editions Glénat 2021 by Jim Bishop – All rights reserved

    Artist:Jim Bishop(France)

  • Cover See You In Memories

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    See You In Memories


    Artist:PEN SO(Hong Kong)

  • Cover Sea You There and Us

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    Sea You There and Us

    ©貓與海的彼端/星期一回收日 漫畫/陳巧蓉 故事原案/GAEA BOOKS

    Artist:Xīngqíyīhuíshōurì Monday Recover(Taiwan)

    Original Author:CHEN,CHIAO JUNG(Taiwan)


  • The Justice

    ©Lai Kai

    Artist:Lai Kai(Taiwan)

  • Swordsman Cat in Edo : The Twelve Lives Oiran

    ©YEH YU TUNG(葉羽桐

    Artist:Yeh Yu Tung(Taiwan)

  • Used kimono Store.

    ©Angry Albatros

    Artist:Angry Albatros(Katarina Kratochvílová)

  • Strong man servant


    Artist:Mao Seng(China)
    Original Author:Ru Lu Mu Xi (China)

  • Mysterious Antique World



  • Selective Yellow

    ©Ricardo Tayra

    Original Author:Ricardo Tayra(Brazil)

  • Rain In A Moon Night

    ©Hoang Tuong Vy

    Artist:Hoang Tuong Vy(Viet Nam)

  • Korokke and The spirit beneath the mountain

    ©Jonatan Cantero/Josep Busquet

    Artist:Jonatan Cantero(Spain)
    Original Author:Josep Busquet(Spain)

  • Records of the Su Mang


    Artist:Wang Biao(China)

  • Sinawang

    ©Dedy Koerniawan

    Artist:Dedy Koerniawan(Indonesia)

  • Reward

    Kenji Okagawa, 2022

    Artist:Okagawa Kenji(Brazil)

The 16th Japan International MANGA Award Ceremony

March 2, 2023

  • TAKEI SyunsukeState Minister for Foreign Affairs TAKEI Syunsuke
  • Gold Award Winner (Mr. seong ryul)Gold Award Winner
    (From left to right: State Minister TAKEI Shunsuke, Mr. seong ryul, and Selection Committee Chairperson SATONAKA Machiko)
  • Award WinnersAward Winners and Other Guests

On March 2, the 16th Japan International MANGA Award Ceremony was held at the Iikura Guest House, with the State Minister for Foreign Affairs TAKEI Shunsuke attending on behalf of Minister for Foreign Affairs HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Chairperson of the Japan International MANGA Award Executive Committee.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan launched the Japan International MANGA Award in 2007 to honor manga artists who have contributed to the promotion of manga overseas and to promote international cultural exchange through manga. Out of a record 503 entries from 77 countries and regions, 15 works were selected this year, including one Gold Award winner (Republic of Korea) and three Silver Award winners (France, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).

At the ceremony, Mr. Takei presented certificates of commendation to the creators of the Gold Award and Silver Award winning works, who were invited to Japan by The Japan Foundation, and Ms. SATONAKA Machiko, chairperson of the selection committee, presented trophies to each of them. In his remarks, Mr. Takei congratulated each of the creators and expressed his willingness to continue his efforts to realize a peaceful world where everyone can create and enjoy manga. Ms. Satonaka also commented that she was deeply moved by all the works that looked forward to the future and life while carefully dealing with death or the past and thanked all the creators for giving us the opportunity to look back on our lives.

The ceremony was attended by members of the Japan International MANGA Award Executive Committee and the selection committee, as well as Members of the Diet, manga artists, editors including the Association of Comic Publishers which helped with the first screening.

Mr.HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Mr.UMEMOTO Kazuyoshi, President, Japan Foundation
  • Ms.SHIRAISHI Saya, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University
  • Mr.SUGIYAMA Kotaro, President, LIGHTPUBLICITY Co.Ltd.
  • Mr.Frederik L. SCHODT, Translator, Interpreter and Writer
  • Mr.MARUSAWA Shigeru, Executive Managing Director, SHOGAKUKAN Inc.

The Selection Committee of the Award

Ms.SATONAKA Machiko, Manga Artist
  • Mr.AKAMATSU Ken, Manga Artist
  • Mr.OSHIMA Makoto, Former Editor in Chief
  • Ms.NAGANO Noriko, Manga Artist
  • Mr.YOSHITOME Hiroyuki, Former Editor in Chief