Award Winners


Cover Days of sand

Days of sand

©2021 AIMÉE DE JONGH - DARGAUD BENELUX (Dargaud Lombard s.a.)

Artist:Aimée de Jongh(Netherlands)


  • Cover Nataliia Rerekin


    ©ООО "БАБЛ"

    Artist:Nataliia Rerekina(Ukraine)
    Story Writer:Gilbert Brissen(Ukraine)

  • Cover Always never

    Always never

    ©Dargaud Benelux 2020
    ©2022 LAFEBRE - DARGAUD BENELUX(Dargaud Lombard s.a.)

    Artist:Jordi Lafebre(Spain)

  • Cover CliniClowns: last goodbye

    CliniClowns: last goodbye

    CliniClowns: last goodbye ©柯宥希/MirrorFiction Inc. All rights reserved.


    Story Writer:逢時(Taiwan)


  • Cover IOGI


    Ondřej David, Matej Jurkáček, Daniela Herodesová, Adam Kaňovský, Matěj Kolář, Marina Kudinova, Jakub Lang, Dominika Lizoňová, Jean-Gaspard Páleníček, Jozef Pavelka, Petra Ramešová, Petra Šestáková, Václav Šlajch ©2021
    Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art ©2021

    Artist:Václav Šlajch(Czech Republic)

    Story Writer:Jean-Gaspard Páleníček(France and Czech Republic)

  • Cover Snow House

    Snow House



  • Cover Blood Ties

    Blood Ties



  • Cover The Chosen One

    The Chosen One

    Kuaikan World(Beijing)Technology CO.,LTD.


  • Cover The Philosophy of Gachapon

    The Philosophy of Gachapon



  • Cover Mortal




  • Cover The African child versus covid-19

    The African child versus covid-19

    Artist:Cyprien Kondi Sambu(Burkina Faso)

  • Cover Formosa Oolong Tea Vol.4

    Formosa Oolong Tea Vol.4

    ©異人茶跡/張季雅/GAEA BOOKS


  • Cover Mayfly Island

    Mayfly Island

    ©Slowork Publishing & Studio Reals

    Artist:Evergreen Yeh(Taiwan)
    Story Writer:SHANG-CHIAO LI(Taiwan)

  • Cover Ama, the breath of women

    Ama, the breath of women

    ©Sarbacane / Manguin / Becq

    Artist:Cecile Becq(France)
    Story Writer:Franck MANGUIN(France)

The 15th Japan International MANGA Award Online Ceremony

March 8, 2022

  • State Minister for Foreign Affairs SUZUKI TakakoState Minister for Foreign Affairs SUZUKI Takako
  • Award Winners and Other GuestsAward Winners and Other Guests
  • Chairperson of the Selection Committee of the Award, SATONAKA MachikoChairperson of the Selection Committee of the Award, SATONAKA Machiko

On March 4th, the 15th Japan International MANGA Award Online Ceremony was held at the Tokyo Convention Hall.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan launched the Japan International MANGA Award in 2007 with the aim of honoring Manga artists who have contributed to the promotion of Manga overseas as well as international cultural exchange through Manga. Among the record-high 483 entries from 76 countries and regions, 14 works were selected this year, including one for Gold Award (Netherlands) and three for Silver Awards (Taiwan, Ukraine, Spain). The Silver Award winner from Ukraine gave up attending the ceremony.

At the Award Ceremony, Ms. SUZUKI Takako, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, presented certificates of commendation, and Ms. SATONAKA Machiko, Chairperson of the Selection Committee, presented trophies to the Gold Award and Silver Award winners who attended online from abroad. The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms.SUZUKI also stated that "Japanese manga blossomed greatly in the peaceful life after WWII, driven by the desire for free expression activities, and now once again, we will awaken the heart of peace and encourage new creation at this memorial 15th Japan International MANGA Award." At the review session held after the ceremony, Chairperson SATONAKA told that Manga is borderless, with its magnificent story, touching words, drawings that help us understand, and the characters which present them, she believes we can unite the world into one, strongly praying that the world will be tied together with the bond of empathy.

The Award Ceremony was attended by the Executive Committee members, Mr. UMEMOTO Kazuyoshi, Ms. SHIRAISHI Saya, Mr. SUGIYAMA Kotaro, Mr. Frederik L. Schodt (online), Mr. YOKOTA Kiyoshi and the Selection Committee members, Mr. AKAMATSU Ken, Mr.OSHIMA Makoto, Ms. NAGANO Noriko, and Mr. YOSHITOME Hiroyuki. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Japan, attended the Award Ceremony as a guest.

The Executive Committee of the Award

Mr.HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Mr.UMEMOTO Kazuyoshi, President, Japan Foundation
  • Mr.Frederik L. SCHODT, American translator, interpreter and writer
  • Ms.SHIRAISHI Saya, Professor emeritus, Tokyo University
  • Mr.SUGIYAMA Kotaro, President, LIGHTPUBLICITY Co.Ltd.
  • Mr.YOKOTA Kiyoshi, Auditor, SHOGAKUKAN Co.Ltd.

The Selection Committee of the Award

Ms.SATONAKA Machiko, Manga artist
  • Mr.AKAMATSU Ken, Manga artist
  • Mr.OSHIMA Makoto, former Publisher
  • Ms.NAGANO Noriko , Manga artist
  • Mr.YOSHITOME Hiroyuki, former Publisher