The 17th Japan International MANGA Award

The application for the 17th Japan International MANGA Award is now closed. Thank you very much for your interests and applications!

The application deadline for the 17th Japan International MANGA Award is extended. The application period is from April 14th 2023 to July 12th 2023.We are looking forward to receiving entries from MANGA artists all over the world!

Guidelines for Application

  1. Purpose

    To spread MANGA culture overseas and promote international cultural exchanges through MANGA.

  2. Award

    1. The Gold Award of the Japan International MANGA Award will be given to the best MANGA work, the Silver Award to three excellent works, and the Bronze Award to other eleven works.
    2. The Special Encouragement Award may be given to a manga work that does not qualify for the Gold Award or Silver Award, but is more highly regarded than the other Bronze Award entries.
    3. Gold Award and Silver Award winners will be invited to Japan for approximately 7 days for the award ceremony as an additional prize (Special Encouragement Award and Bronze Award winners are not eligible).
  3. Conditions of Entry

    1. Eligible MANGA works must consist of more than 16 pages. Both published and unpublished works are eligible to apply, with the exception of works that have won previous Japan International MANGA Awards.
    2. Eligible MANGA works should have been created within the past three years (2020-2023) from the date of application.
    3. Eligible MANGA works must be submitted in electronic form (PDF) or printed form (works submitted in electronic form will be printed for selection procedures).
    4. Publishing companies outside Japan may apply for the Japan International MANGA Award if the copyright holder of the MANGA work agrees to the application.
    5. Either the comic artist or the story writer of the submitted work must be a foreign national. The representative who will participate in the invitation program for the Gold / Silver Award winners must also be a foreign national as well.
    6. Only one entry per comic artist will be accepted. In the case of multiple entries, only the first entry will be accepted.
    7. The organizer may use some of the winning entries to promote the Japan International MANGA Award both in Japan and abroad.
  4. How to Apply (Please refer to the attached file as well.)

    1. Application Period:
      April 14th 2023 – July 12th 2023 (entries must arrive by this date)
    2. Submissions
      When you apply, submit the following two documents.
      • Application Form (Entry via Forms)
      • Manga Work
        The work should be submitted in either of the three forms below;
        • a) TWO copies of the printed work
        • b) ONE copy in electronic form (PDF)
        • c) ONE copy of the printed work and ONE copy in electronic form (PDF)
    3. Sending Address:
      • 1) For applicants living outside Japan
        Japanese Embassies or Consulates (Check online for each address.)
        For submission, please contact the Japanese embassy or consulate in the country or region in where you reside. Here is the link to the list of Japanese embassies and consulates.
      • 2) For applicants who live in Japan
        • Sending address for Application Form (Entry via Forms)
        • Sending address for Manga Work
          1. Printed work
            Attn: PIC of "The 17th Japan International MANGA Award"
            Cultural Affairs and Overseas Public Relations Division,
            Director General for Cultural Affairs, Minister's Secretariat
            Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan
            2-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8919
            • It is not allowed to bring your applications in person.
          2. Work in electronic form(PDF)
            An Email for uploading the PDF data will be provided to applicants who have submitted the Application Form (Entry via Forms), by Cultural Affairs and Overseas Public Relations Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
    4. Notes
      • An Application Form(Forms), must be filled in either English or Japanese. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided when you complete the submission form in Forms. Please include a printed copy of this e-mail with your printed manga submission. By submitting the application form, the applicant is deemed to have agreed to all of the Consent matter stated in the application form.
      • Please name the electronic files of the Manga Work as the first name and family name of the Manga artist. ex)TaroGaimu.pdf
      • Eligible MANGA works that have been submitted in electronic form will be printed for the selection procedure. Please ensure that the submitted work can be printed on A4 paper. In particular, for vertically scrolling works or webtoons, submit data that has been adjusted by separating the frames so that the image can be printed at the appropriate size.
      • Page numbers must be indicated on every page of the work.
      • If the work is not in the form of a book, it must be indicated clearly if there is a specific two-page spread in the work.
      • Although the form of the submission will not affect the results of the selection, applicants are encouraged to choose the option c) if possible. When Japanese Embassies or Consulates in the country or region where you reside specify the form of submission, applicants are advised to follow it.
      • Additional copies may be requested for works being considered for an award.
      • Manga works in any language are acceptable.
  5. Return of Works

    The submitted works will not be returned to applicants. Therefore, if the work has not yet been published, it is advisable to submit duplicate copies of the work and keep the original. The submitted works might be donated or exhibited.

  6. Selection

    After the first round of screening by the Association of Japanese Manga Publishers, the 17th Japan international MANGA Award Selection Committee will be responsible for the selection procedures.

  7. Award Ceremony

    The award ceremony is planned to be held in Tokyo in February or March 2024.

Application Form (Entry via Forms)