February, 2020
The 13th Japan International MANGA Award Ceremony
Speech by Foreign Minister MOTEGI Toshimitsu
Award Winners and Other Guests
Speech by State Minister for Foreign Affairs WAKAMIYA Kenji
On February 18, the 13th Japan International MANGA Award Ceremony was held at the Iikura Guest House.

At the Award Ceremony, one Gold Award and three Silver Awards were presented with certificates of commendation and trophies. The guests interacted with the Award winners at the reception which followed the Ceremony. Foreign Minister MOTEGI Toshimitsu stated that, “Manga provides an influential platform for the development of global cultures. We received a large number of entries from many countries and regions for this year's MANGA Award. The entries varied greatly both in their styles and messaging and helped us to once again realize the broad expressive power of Manga.” Chairperson of the Selection Committee, Ms. SATONAKA Machiko, gave a review of the works, in which she stated that, “the world of Manga is a great forum that fosters discussions on culture and philosophy and expressions of feeling and sensibilities.” She also expressed delight about the diversity of this year's works.

The Award Ceremony was attended by the Executive Committee members, Ms. SHIRAISHI Saya, Mr. SUGIYAMA Kotaro, Mr. Frederik L. Schodt, Mr. YOKOTA Kiyoshi and the Selection Committee members, Ms. IPPONGI Ban, Mr. FUJITA Tsutomu, Mr. MIURA Mitsuru. Among the guests were members of Parliament, famous Manga artists, publishers and people in the cultural circle.

The winning works are as follows
  • Gold Award (the best work)

    Piece of Mind

    Artist : Guy Lenman(Israel)
    Story Writer : Nimrod Frydman(Israel)

    ©Guy Lenman Nimrod Frydman
  • Silver Award

    My little kitchen in summer season

    Artist : Pitsinee Tangkittinun(Thailand)

  • Silver Award

    Korokke and the girl who said no

    Artist : Jonatan Cantero(Spain)
    Story Writer : Josep Busquet(Spain)

    ©2019 Spaceman Project / Josep Busquet / Jonatan Cantero
  • Silver Award


    Artist : GUILHERME PETRECA(Brazil)

  • Bronze Award

    Detektif Hantu : Kesumat


    Artist : LAM QUEK CHUNG@LEOZ(Malaysia)
  • PALMA SOLA liborio mateo, the origin

    (Dominican Republic)

    Artist : GABRIEL CASTILLO(Dominican Republic)
    Story Writer : GERARDO CASTILLO(Dominican Republic)
  • Mi Xian Yin : Chinese Folk Tales


    Artist : 采蘑菇的司马公公(China)

    (Republic of Benin)

    Artist : GJIMM MOKOO(Republic of Benin)


    ©Haruru all rights reserved
    Artist : 王宇涵(China)
  • Merman in the pool


    Artist : 李嫣然(China)
  • Rites of Passage


    Artist : Lucas Marques(Brazil)


    Artist : DANIELA VIÇOSO(Portugal)
  • DiKiXi - The Reconciliation part1


    ©Bomcomix e Gildo Pimentel
    Artist : Bomcomix e Gildo Pimentel(Angola)
    Story Writer : Gildo Pimentel(Angola)

    (China(Hong Kong))

    Artist : 麥天傑(China(Hong Kong))
  • Sometimes in the City


    ©dala publishing company
    Artist : 61Chi(Taiwan)