Visit to Japan by the Eleventh Japan International Manga Award’s winners March 2018

Five Winners of the Eleventh Japan International Manga Award came to Japan on an invitation program of Japan Foundation for 10 days from February 20th to March 1st. The following is a summary of their visit.

February 20th (Tue)
Five winners of the Gold Award and Silver Award (Colombia, France, Ukraine and Taiwan) came to Japan. This was the first visit for the winner from Colombia. Everyone was very excited for their journey ahead.

February 21st (Wed)
The winners visited the Sumida Hokusai Museum which displays many famous works of Katsushika Hokusai (ukiyo-e artist) who is highly respected around the world. The winners were very impressed by the exhibitions.

February 22nd (Thu)
The winners toured around Akihabara, Japan’s most prominent “Electric Town” famous as the Mecca of pop culture around the globe. In the afternoon, they visited publishing companies (Kodansha, Shogakukan). They talked with manga artist Nakibokuro at Kodansha and manga artist Moto Hagio at Shogakukan. The winners from Colombia and Taiwan were fans of Hagio so they were very excited to meet her.
photo/Meeting with Nakibokuro (Kodansha)
photo/Meeting with Moto Hagio (Shogakukan)

February 23rd (Fri)
The Japan International Manga Award Ceremony and reception was held on this day. At the award ceremony, the winners were given award certificates and trophies. This was a proud moment for all winners. At the reception party after the ceremony, they had an informal talk with Japanese manga artists and publishing officials under a friendly atmosphere.
photo/Award ceremony

February 24th (Sat)
The winners travelled from Tokyo to Osaka by a bullet train in the morning. In Osaka, they visited the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living and experienced the culture and lifestyle of the Edo Period. Afterwards, they toured the Osaka Castle and took a stroll in the Shinsekai District.
photo/Osaka Castle

February 25th (Sun)
They travelled to Kyoto, where they visited the World Heritage Site, Nijojo Castle. Afterwards, they visited the Kyoto International Manga Museum which collects, stores and displays manga materials where they experienced the history of Japanese manga culture.
photo/Kyoto International Manga Museum

February 26th (Mon)
The winners took part in a Kyoto-style sensu fan painting workshop in the ancient Japanese city of Kyoto. When it came to art, everyone got so serious as they drew pictures with passion. They also took a stroll in Gion which is famous for maiko to fully experience traditional Japanese culture.
photo/Kyoto style sensu fan painting workshop
photo/Kyoto style sensu fan painting workshop

February 27th (Tue)
They visited Shogakukan and exchanged opinions with editors. The award-winners seemed to be inspired by actively asking questions and they got to deepen their understanding of Japanese manga.
photo/Shogakukan visit

February 28th (Wed)
The award winners visited the Ghibli Museum from the morning. The visit to this art museum was something that all of the winners were looking forward to. In the afternoon, they visited animation production studio, Studio Pierrot. The winners seemed extremely content to be able to learn a lot about manga there.
photo/Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

March 1st (Thu)
The winners said that all the places they visited and people they encountered were amazing and that their visit to Japan left a great impression on them. They said that all the experiences they had during this visit to Japan were useful in their manga drawing activities.