Visit to Japan by the Tenth Japan International MANGA Award’s winners April, 2017

Five winners of the Tenth Japan International MANGA Award visited Japan.
The following is a short report on their stay in Japan.

【Gold Award】
Mr. Xavier Dorison (France)

【Silver Award】
Mr. HAN Zuzheng (China)
Ms. Laura Iorio (Italy)
Mr. Roberto Ricci (Italy)
Ms. Can Tieu Hy (Vietnam)

Wednesday, 1 February
The winners arrived in Japan.
Except for Mr. HAN, it was their first time to visit Japan.

Thursday, 2 February
They visited Shueisha Inc.(major Japanese publish whose works include Weekly Shonen Jump).
Afterwards, they visited Akihabara, a place of their aspiration.
Ms. Can (Vietnam) satisfactorily described it a “ heavenly place”.

Friday, 3 February
They made a field trip to Kyoto where they walked around Sanjusangen-do temple,
Kiyomizu-dera temple(UNESCO World Heritage site)and Gion.
Mr. Dorison (France) is interested in temples so she was fascinated.

Saturday, 4 February
In the morning, they walked around Tenryu-ji temple.
Mr. Ricci (Italy) was impressed with the World Heritage sites in Japan.
They experienced Kimono and tea ceremony.
Ms. Iorio (Italy) was pleased that she was able to experience rich traditional culture which was different from hers.


Sunday, 5 February
They visited the Kyoto International Manga Museum.
Mr. Ricci (Italy) was impressed and said “it is a must-visit place for all MANGA artists”.
They went back to Tokyo in the evening.

Monday, 6 February
Mr. Go Nagai, a renowned MANGA artist, welcomed and encouraged the Award winners.
Mr. Dorison (France) and Mr. Ricci (Italy), who longed to meet Mr. Nagai, were very touched.
Afterwards, they attended the Award Ceremony and Reception of the Tenth Japan International MANGA Award.
At the Award Ceremony, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kiyoshi Odawara and Ms. Machiko Satonaka, Chairperson of the Selection Committee awarded a certificate and a trophy to the Award winners.
At the Reception, in a friendly atmosphere, they had an informal talk with Japanese MANGA artists and publishers. Many media reporters from China, France, Italy and Vietnam came to cover the event.

【MANGA artists who attended the Award Ceremony and Reception】
Mr. Yutaka Abe, Mr. Karan Ikeda, Ms. Riyoko Ikeda, Mr. Jun Ishiko, Mr. Masashi Ueda, Mr. Kamakiri Uno, Mr. Kosei Ono, Mr. Daiji Kazumine, Mr. Hiroshi Kanatani, Ms. Gin Kamikaze, Mr. Yoshimi Kurata, Ms. Cocoa, Mr. Atsushi Sasaki, Ms. Kimie Shiga, Mr. Takahisa Taira, Ms. Akemi Takada, Mr. Go Nagai, Ms. Noriko Nagano, Ms. Toshiko Nishida, Ms. Akiko Nemoto, Mr. Jun Hayase, Mr. Baron Yoshimoto, Mr. Denjirou Maru, Mr. Kou Yano, Mr. Goro Yamada, Ms. Usako Yamada, Mr. Aooni Yamane.

【Video】The Award Ceremony

Tuesday, 7 February
They visited the animation production company, Production I.G, Inc.
Mr. Dorison (France) and Mr. Ricci (Italy) enthusiastically asked questions.

Wednesday, 8 February
In the morning, they visited the Ghibli Museum.
Most of them have grown up watching Mr. Hayao Miyazaki’s works.
They listened attentively to the explanation by Mr. Nishioka, the Secretary-General of the Ghibli Museum.

Thursday, 9 February
They visited Kodansha Ltd.(major Japanese publisher which publishes Weekly Shonen Magazine, etc.).
For Mr. HAN (China), visits to Shueisha Inc. and Kodansha Ltd. were the most memorable event during his stay in Japan.
Ms. Can (Vietnam) was pleased and said “by visiting two publishing companies and interacting with the editors, I was able to learn a lot about how to draw MANGA”.

Friday, 10 February
The Award winners reluctantly went back to their own countries.
Their comments are as follows:

Mr. Xavier Dorison (France)
“The influences I’ve got from the places I visited and the people I met in Tokyo and Kyoto will contribute to creating my future works”.

Mr. HAN Zuzheng (China)
“I am very pleased and most honoured to receive the Silver Award. When I go back, I will work harder to make better works. One day, I want to receive the Gold Award and enjoy experiencing Japanese culture with the other colleagues”.

Ms. Laura Iorio and Mr. Roberto Ricci (Italy)
“Our stay in Japan was just wonderful. We would like to stay for another month. Since we were dreaming of visiting Japan for a long time, ten day-visit was over in a moment ”.

Ms. Can Tieu Hy (Vietnam)
“Last year, my senior colleague was awarded, and this year, I was able to receive the Award. Vietnam can be confident in its MANGA industry”.

Aforementioned is the brief look of the winners of the Tenth International MANGA Award’s visit to Japan.

The Gold Award and the Silver Award winners will be invited to Japan by the Japan Foundation for about ten days. The eleventh Japan International MANGA Award is now accepting entries.
We are looking forward for applications from MANGA artists all over the world!